Traverse the lush, fantastical lands of Ektensia as you embark on a danger-ridden adventure. Assume the role of a powerful Mercenary and become a legend!
Explore the diverse world of Ektensia as a stoic mercenary and carve your destiny through trials of combat, exploration and war.
Explore the world of Ektensia

CABAL 2 is a Free to Play, massively-multiplayer online game, set in the Fantasy genre. Explore the world of Ektensia in the role of a mercenary, and participate in a number of Dungeons, Instances, and PvP Battlefields. Perfect your combo with all of our classes…Warrior, Wizard, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Force Archer, and Priest. Defeat your enemies using our fast paced, skill based combat system, and strategically utilize the “Battlemode” feature to help you win the fight.

Traverse Lush and Hostile Zones

CABAL 2 includes four zones for exploring…Lethe Island, Frey Hilltown, Desertfort, and Labyrinth Forest. In addition, the game also offers a zone dedicated to crafting, Clana Island. Each zone has been designed using Cry Engine 3, resulting in beautifully crafted zones, and eye catching graphics.

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